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【Spring in the Netherlands】The season for tulip viewing is here!

Spring is the most beautiful and colorful season. Tulips viewing in the Netherlands in spring is a must-see! Here are some of the most satisfying tulip viewing places and tours.

【Netherlands】Visit the tulip field, a show garden for tulip beginners

Tulip fields is a superb view that you should see when you visit Holland. The Tulip Barn is a place where the tulip fields are always in full bloom and everyone can take pictures in the tulip fields.

HANAMI, Places to see spring flowers in Amsterdam

Japan has a culture of having a picnic under the cherry blossom trees in spring, it's called 'Hanami'. Amsterdam has some spring flower seeing spots where you can feel the arrival of spring. Let's go Hanami.

【Spring in the Netherlands】Keukenhof Garden where tulips are in full bloom

7 million tulips bloom in the Keukenhof Garden, which is open only from March to May. It's like a land of flowers. The garden is filled with the fragrance of flowers. See many tulips at the Keukenhof and Flower Stripes in the tulip fields.

【Netherlands】Visit to Delft Blue factory and Royal Delft Museum collection

Royal Delft factory has a history of over 360 years, and you can learn the history and construction methods of Delftware in the studio. Also you can see various pottery art collections in the museum.

Visit Delft, the place related to Vermeer

Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, who was active in the Dutch Golden Age, is one of the representative painters of baroque painting, and is a master painter of the 17th century Dutch Golden Age, along with Rembrandt.