【Amsterdam Day 2】Visit windmill village and eat Dutch waffles. sightseeing with City Card

This is a three-day travel itinerary using City Card.The day 2 is an itinerary where you can enjoy sightseeing at Windmill Village and eating Dutch specialties. There are no facilities that require reservations, so you can sightsee without worrying about time.

13 places to visit in Alkmaar, the city of cheese

Alkmaar is a picturesque and lively city with a rich cultural heritage, offering a blend of history, art, and natural beauty. It is an attractive destination for visitors seeking to explore the Netherlands beyond its more well-known cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Visit the picturesque cheese town of Edam and soak up the peaceful atmosphere

Edam is a picturesque town. You can explore the town’s charming streets, visit the cheese market, sample various cheese varieties, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of this historical Dutch town.

【Netherlands】Eat cheese and stroopwafels in the 800-year-old cheese city of Gouda!

Gouda is renowned for its cheese, which shares the city's name. Gouda Cheese Market is one of the main attractions of the city. Its cheese heritage, historic architecture, and warm atmosphere make it a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike.

World’s Largest Flower Market, Royal Flora Holland in the Netherlands

Royal Flora Holland in Aalsmeer is the largest flower auction in the world. More than 44 million flowers are auctioned every day. Roses are the most shipped flowers, followed by tulips and chrysanthemums.

【Amsterdam】Eating Dutch local specialties at Albert Cuypmarkt

The Albert Cuypmarkt is one of the most popular street markets in Amsterdam. The market is famous for its street food and snacks. You can indulge in traditional Dutch treats such as Stroopwafels, Herring sandwiches, Poffertjes, and Freshly fried kibbeling.

Visit the cheese market! 5 cheese towns in Netherlands

The Netherlands is the country of cheese. Some towns that used to have markets now hold traditional cheese markets as tourist events. There, you can learn about cheese and see traditional market and costumes.

【Leiden】A floating Christmas market held on the canal

The floating Christmas market on a canal in Leiden was awarded Europe's Best Xmas Market 2016. There you can walk under the bridge. It's a strange feeling to look up at the bridge from water level.

【Netherlands】Let’s go to the Christmas market

Winter in Europe can be cold, dark and depressing, but a visit to a glittering Christmas market will lift your spirits. Buy Christmas ornaments and wreaths at the Christmas market to decorate your home and enjoy a sparkling Christmas!

【Netherlands】Maastricht Christmas Market, Magical Maastricht

The Christmas market in the gastronomic city of Maastricht has many delicious food stands. Hot chocolate, Poffertjes, Oliebollen and more... It's like a food festival because all food stands are delicious.

【Germany】Christmas Market in Köln 2022

Christmas markets held in front of the World Heritage Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral), is the largest in the city and attracts more than 4 million visitors in a month.

【Belgium】Winter Wonders is the largest and beautiful Christmas Market in Brussels

Winter Wonders is the largest and most famous Xmas market in Belgium. It is a beautiful Christmas market that you should visit once in a lifetime.

2022 Amsterdam Christmas Market infomation

Amsterdam's Christmas markets will start in December. Here is information the Christmas markets in Amsterdam 2022.

2022 Netherlands Christmas Market infomation

In 2022, many Christmas markets will be held for the first time in three years. Here is the information about this year’s event.