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World’s Largest Flower Market, Royal Flora Holland in the Netherlands



Royal Flora Holland is a cooperative and the largest flower auction in the world. It is located in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands.

The auction is a major hub for the international flower trade, with flowers and plants from around the world being bought and sold there.




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Royal Flora Holland

Royal Flora Holland is open to visitors on weekdays from 7am to 11am (until 9am on Thursdays).

I heard that the best time to visit is early in the morning when the market is lively, so I visited on a Monday around 8:00. According to the receptionist, Monday is the day when the most flowers are shipped.


About Royal Flora Holland

Royal Flora Holland has a rich history dating back to 1911 when several flower auction cooperatives merged to form a single entity.

More than 44 million flowers of 20,000 varieties are auctioned every day, generating more than 18 million euros in sales each day.

Roses are the most shipped flowers, followed by tulips and chrysanthemums.


The Aalsmeer location is the largest of Royal FloraHolland’s four auction sites in the Netherlands. It covers an enormous area, roughly the size of 243 football fields, and features state-of-the-art facilities for handling and showcasing flowers and plants.

Flora Holland Aalsmeer info(2023)
hours:Mon to Fri 7〜11am、Thu 7〜9 am
address:Legmeerdijk 305, 1431 GB Aalsmeer




Visit the Auction

At the auction, growers bring their flowers and plants, which are then auctioned off to buyers, such as wholesalers, florists, and garden centers.

The auction operates through a clock auction system, where the price of the product starts high and gradually decreases until a buyer stops the clock by indicating their willingness to purchase at the current price.

In the past, auctions were held on a huge display and a computer in the auction room. However, this room is currently unused.

Royal Flora Holland has embraced digital transformation to enhance efficiency and accessibility.

Royal Flora Holland have developed an online marketplace called “Floriday” that connects growers and buyers, allowing them to trade products digitally.

Floriday provides a platform for growers to manage their assortment, sales, and logistics, while buyers can access a wide range of products and place orders conveniently.




Fully automatic sorting of flowers

In addition to the auction, Royal FloraHolland provides various services to support the floral industry, such as logistics, packaging, and distribution.


The first thing that surprises you when you visit the flower market is the enormous size of the warehouse. Hundreds of thousands of wagons of flowers are lined up in a huge warehouse.

More than 40 million flowers are shipped every day, most of which are sorted by machines. A barcode is attached to all flowers, and the barcode can be read and sorted.

The wagons of flowers were automatically moving on the rail. Here there are the rail that moves automatically has a total length of 18 km.

One of the notable aspects of Royal FloraHolland is its focus on sustainability.

The organization is committed to promoting sustainable practices in the floral industry and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact.

This includes efforts to minimize energy consumption, optimize logistics, and promote eco-friendly packaging materials.







Tour route

The tour route that overlooks the flower market from the bridge over the warehouse has a total length of about 1km.


You can see from the bridge huge amount of flowers, how flowers are automatically sorted, the old auction room, and the flower quality check room.


There is a photo booth and a free drink in front of the exit. The tour needs to get up early, so you’ll need a coffee break before leaving.



Souvenir shop

There is a gift shop in front of the ticket office. I didn’t sell fresh flowers, but there are various souvenirs with floral patterns. The tulip umbrella is very beautiful.




Access to Royal Flora Holland

It takes about 35 minutes by bus 358 from Amsterdam Zuid station to Flora Holland flower market.

Visiting hours are from 7:00 to 11:00 on weekdays (until 9:00 on Thursdays). I think the time required for the tour is about 1 hour.