What is the classic European Christmas cake?

There was a culture of baking large amounts of sweet bread before Christmas in Europe. Therefore it is still customary to eat bread and ginger cookies that can be stored for a long time at Christmas.

Waffle? Biscuits? Dutch caramel cookie, Stroopwafel

Stroopwafel is a sweet you must eat in the Netherlands. It is a type of waffle, but it looks like a flat biscuit. Between the biscuits is filled with plenty of caramel syrup called Stroop.

Dutch local cream puff pastry Bossche Bollen, is my favorite you should eat

It looks like a cream puff, but unlike choux pastry, the Bossche Bol features a moist pastry and chocolate on top. It looks like a big size eclair.

Dutch bread Gevulde Koek is a strange and delicious cookie

Gevulde Koeken, a traditional almond cookie in the Netherlands, which is not an almond production area. It's a mysterious and delicious cookie.

Dutch bread Koffiebroodje is a coffee bread without coffee

Koffiebroodje means Coffee bread, but coffee is not used as an ingredient. Koffiebroodje is a sweet bread with raisins and cream, and it is a classic Dutch breakfast or tea snack.