Things to do in Den Bosch, the best Bosche Bollen town

‘s-Hertogenbosch, commonly known as Den Bosch, has a rich history that dates back to the medieval era. Den Bosch is known for its picturesque medieval city center, charming canals, beautiful architecture and Bossche Bol.

What is the classic European Christmas cake?

There was a culture of baking large amounts of sweet bread before Christmas in Europe. Therefore it is still customary to eat bread and ginger cookies that can be stored for a long time at Christmas.

Dutch local cream puff pastry Bossche Bollen, is my favorite you should eat

It looks like a cream puff, but unlike choux pastry, the Bossche Bol features a moist pastry and chocolate on top. It looks like a big size eclair.

Dutch bread Gevulde Koek is a strange and delicious cookie

Gevulde Koeken, a traditional almond cookie in the Netherlands, which is not an almond production area. It's a mysterious and delicious cookie.

Dutch bread Koffiebroodje is a coffee bread without coffee

Koffiebroodje means Coffee bread, but coffee is not used as an ingredient. Koffiebroodje is a sweet bread with raisins and cream, and it is a classic Dutch breakfast or tea snack.