Kinderdijk Windmill, a world heritage site in the Netherlands

Kinderdijk is popular for tourism due to its historic windmills, UNESCO World Heritage status, and scenic landscape. You can visit there by Waterbus from Rotterdam.

Day trip to the picturesque village of Giethoorn from Amsterdam

The picturesque village of Giethoorn is known for its charming waterways, traditional thatched-roof houses, and absence of roads, earning it the nickname "Venice of the North." It can be visited from Amsterdam in about 2 hours.

【Belgium】Flower carpet in Brussels, once every two years

the Flower Carpet is a stunning floral spectacle that captivates visitors with its beauty, creativity, and symbolism. It has become an iconic event that highlights the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions of Belgium.

Amazing Immersive artworks with Projection Mapping in Amsterdam

It was like taking a short trip into the world of 325 paintings created by masters. It was amazing. The sub-video “Mondrian Exhibition” has a more modern look, and the contrast between the main and sub is also a highlight.

【Amsterdam】Visit 13 Architecture and Design museums with the Museum Card

Amsterdam has 13 museums specializing in design and architecture, including 16th- to 18th-century residential and interior design, 19th- to 20th-century modern art and architecture, and the latest in 21st-century fashion and digital art.

【Amsterdam】Visit 15 standard museums with the Museum Card

There are a total of 41 museums in Amsterdam that accept the Museum Card. Of these, 15 of them are standard museums, including museums familiar from guidebooks, as well as historic museums in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Europe.

Discovering Dutch Windmill Heritage : Exploring Zaanse Schans Near Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans is a historic district that can be visited in 45 minutes from Amsterdam. Famous for its well-preserved historic windmills, traditional wooden houses, and artisan workshops, you can get a glimpse of Dutch life from the 18th to the 19th century.

【Amsterdam Day 3】Visit a traditional Dutch port town, and explore Amsterdam on your own

On the third day, visit a traditional Dutch port town in the morning. The afternoon is free to make your own plans. This itinerary templates focuses on activities that are free to enter with a city card.

【Amsterdam Day 2】Visit windmill village and eat Dutch waffles. sightseeing with City Card

This is a three-day travel itinerary using City Card.The day 2 is an itinerary where you can enjoy sightseeing at Windmill Village and eating Dutch specialties. There are no facilities that require reservations, so you can sightsee without worrying about time.

【Amsterdam sightseeing Day 1】Visit everything you want to see and eat with City Card

The best itinerary for first-time visitors to Amsterdam, covering the city's must-visit, must-sees, and must-eats. Day 1 is typical Amsterdam sightseeing.

Things to do in Den Bosch, the best Bosche Bollen town

‘s-Hertogenbosch, commonly known as Den Bosch, has a rich history that dates back to the medieval era. Den Bosch is known for its picturesque medieval city center, charming canals, beautiful architecture and Bossche Bol.

13 places to visit in Alkmaar, the city of cheese

Alkmaar is a picturesque and lively city with a rich cultural heritage, offering a blend of history, art, and natural beauty. It is an attractive destination for visitors seeking to explore the Netherlands beyond its more well-known cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Visit the picturesque cheese town of Edam and soak up the peaceful atmosphere

Edam is a picturesque town. You can explore the town’s charming streets, visit the cheese market, sample various cheese varieties, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of this historical Dutch town.
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Join NS Flex, the Dutch Railways subscription service and get discounts!

If you join NS Flex, you can ride the train at a discounted rate. NS Flex is the subscription you must have if you live in the Netherlands and want to explore Holland by train.

【Netherlands】Eat cheese and stroopwafels in the 800-year-old cheese city of Gouda!

Gouda is renowned for its cheese, which shares the city's name. Gouda Cheese Market is one of the main attractions of the city. Its cheese heritage, historic architecture, and warm atmosphere make it a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike.

Pindakaas, the first peanut butter shop in the Netherlands

Dutch peanut butter has a rich taste with many products containing high peanut content. The first peanut butter specialty store in the Netherlands sells standard peanut butter and unusual flavors.

World’s Largest Flower Market, Royal Flora Holland in the Netherlands

Royal Flora Holland in Aalsmeer is the largest flower auction in the world. More than 44 million flowers are auctioned every day. Roses are the most shipped flowers, followed by tulips and chrysanthemums.

【Amsterdam】Eating Dutch local specialties at Albert Cuypmarkt

The Albert Cuypmarkt is one of the most popular street markets in Amsterdam. The market is famous for its street food and snacks. You can indulge in traditional Dutch treats such as Stroopwafels, Herring sandwiches, Poffertjes, and Freshly fried kibbeling.

【Amsterdam】8 Immersive Museums with Highly engaging and interactive experience!

An immersive museum is a type of museum that offers visitors a highly engaging and interactive experience through the use of technology, multimedia, and various sensory elements.

【Spain】Gaudi architecture in barcelona, Trivia to know before visiting the Sagrada Familia

Gaudí’s architectural legacy extends far beyond his lifetime. His works continue to inspire architects, artists, and admirers from around the world. His architectural vision remains a testament to his genius and his lasting impact on the world of architecture.