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Winter-only amusement park, Winter Paradijs in Amsterdam RAI



An amusement park opens in Amsterdam RAI every December.

With over 30 attractions, Winter Paradijs is a real paradise you’ll want to visit every year.





Facility Overview of Winter Paradijs

Winter Paradijs is held at the Convention Center (Amsterdam Rai) in Amsterdam Zuid.

There is an entrance fee, but attractions such as the Ferris wheel, giant slides, and ice skating is including.


There are large attractions in outdoor, and also there are many amusements inside. Whether it’s rainy or cold, you can play without worrying about the weather. The Winter Paradijs is also open on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

There are many food trucks, and you can eat Dutch food such as Poffertjes, Oliebollen and Stroopwafel, and there is also a dancing area with drinking alcohol.


Winter Paradijs info(2022)
Open:December 15th to January 1st
Hours:9 – 25 (until 26 on Fri and Sat)
Entrance fee:from €22.50 –
※discount available after 19
Address:Europaplein 2-22, 1078 GZ Amsterdam




Outdoor Entertainments

Through the entrance gate, you are in paradise with a Ferris wheel, Aerial swings, and Huge slides.

Weekend nights were very crowded and there were lines for attractions. But I just waited for about 10 min to get it, so it’s no long.

However, the skating rink which the Dutch people really like was long line than other attractions.


I think the most popular attraction is Huge slide, and the most unusual thing is the snowball battle. I think it’s fun just to look.


Are you good at games? Try to get a Pokemon by the crane game. I couldn’t get any, but it was exciting!


Then you can find tasty foods, such as Oliebollen and a hot chocolate. And don’t miss the marshmallow shop next to the Ferris wheel. You can roast the marshmallows over a bonfire and eat. Yummy!






Indoor Entertainments

The information, lockers, and toilets are indoors.

There are various attractions in the indoor area, and inside is very warm with the heating.


The popular skating rink connects the outdoor and indoor areas. Skate shoes can be rented, but gloves are required.


When you want to sing a Christmas song, let’s go Karaoke! Karaoke is a space where you can sing along to recorded music.


Even if you don’t sing at Karaoke, there is always music on the main stage. Various music events are held on the main stage everyday.


After dancing, I know you’re hungry and thirsty. Let’s eating and drinking! There are many Dutch dishes such as sandwiches and croquettes, also a bar that sells alcohol in front of the main stage.




Indoor Entertainments with Kids

Many children were playing in the snow area. It’s fake snow, so it’s not cold and doesn’t melt, but it was a mysterious fake snow that could make snowballs. fun!


The outdoor slide is 10m high, but the indoor Tube slide is more lower. It’s not scary, so kids will enjoy it. Of course adults can play too.


In addition, there are many attractions such as a Huge maze, Cross-country skiing, Carousel, VR and more and more. The entrance fee is not cheap but it is including those attractions, so it’s a great deal.

When I visited I was really surprised because I don’t expect it to be such a big amusement park. Winter Paradijs is a real paradise that I want to visit every year!