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【Netherlands】Visit the tulip field, a show garden for tulip beginners




The Tulip Barn
Open from April 1st to May 14th, 2023!
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Many people have probably seen the scenery of the tulip field on Dutch guidebooks or SNS. It is a superb view that you should see when you visit Holland.

However, such a beautiful tulip field is far from the city center. Also, tulips in the tulip field are for shipping, so entering the field without permission is a crime. (Trespassing into tulip fields is fined.)


Do you know …

  • Where are the tulip fields?
  • When is it blooming?
  • How close can I take a picture?


Tulip fields sightseeing is not easy for tulip fields beginners.

But do you know, The Tulip Barn provides a tulip field that even beginners can enjoy.

The Tulip Barn is a tourist facility called a show garden. There is a fee, but it is a tulip field that you can enjoy safely and easily even if you are visiting the tulip field for the first time.





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A show garden, The Tulip Barn

The Tulip Barn opened in 2022, about 4 km north of Keukenhof, which is famous for its tulip gardens. There are many tulip fields in this area, and it is also a tulip field cycling course.

At The Tulip Barn, 400,000 colorful tulips bloom, and you can enjoy taking pictures in the beautiful tulip field.





Advantages visiting to The Tulip Barn

There are worth because The Tulip Barn is an amusement park of the tulip field.


Advantage 1, Avoid trespassing

In the Netherlands, people who enter and take pictures in tulip fields without permission have become a problem. Due to these nuisances, the fields are destroyed, pests and pathogens spread in the fields, and tulip farmers are suffering. Trespassing a tulip field is a crime and carries a fine of over €200 in the Netherlands.

It is difficult for tulip beginners to determine where it is OK to take pictures.

That’s why we go to The Tulip Barn!

At The Tulip Barn, you can freely take pictures in the tulip fields.


The Tulip Barn also has a tulip field that is No-entry. But there are “STOP” signs, so you can’t go wrong.




Advantage 2, Always blooming

It’s obvious but the tulips in tulip fields are shipped just before flowering. And of course farmer’s tulip fields are no information about the flowering status, such as blooming or not. There is no guarantee that you will be able to see beautiful tulips even if you visit the tulip fields on your day off.

However, The Tulip Barn always has tulips in bloom during the opening period.

There are many buds at the beginning of the season, and there are some flowers that have withered in the latter half of the season, But the tulips are cultivated so that you can enjoy the beautiful tulip fields whenever you visit during the period.

Also The Tulip Barn posts on Instagram everyday in the season, so you can check the flowering information before visiting.



Advantage 3, Location is on the map

The location of the tulip fields is not on Google Maps. Because it’s personal information on commercial farms.

But The Tulip Barn is a tulip field amusement park. Of course you can check the location on Google Maps.

The facility has a parking, so you can visit by car or bicycle.

The nearest station is Hillegom and it’s a 20 minute walk from the station. You can visit it by taking a walk through the beautiful Dutch landscape.





About The Tulip Barn

The Tulip Barn has a cafe, so you can enjoy delicious coffee and apple pie while viewing at the beautiful tulip fields.

You can buy tickets at The Tulip Barn, but sometime may be sold out on weekend. So it is recommended to buy online tickets before you visit there.

The Tulip Barn 2023 info
Period: April 1st to May 14th
Hours: 10:00 to 19:00
Price: €7.50
Ticket >>
Address: 3e Loosterweg 130, 2182 CX Hillegom
Web: The Tulip Barn





Visit by Train from Amsterdam

From Amsterdam Central Station, take the Intercity (Train) via Haarlem to Heemstede-Aerdenhout, then transfer to Sprinter and get off at Hillegom Station.

About 20 minutes walk from Hillegom station. You can see tulip fields along the way.




2023 will be held until May 14th. It is highly recommended for tulip field beginners, so why not add it in your sightseeing plan!







Tips! Dahlia and Sunflower field on September

The Tulip Barn will open again in September. In autumn, you can enjoy dahlia flower fields and sunflower fields. It is also very beautiful scenery.





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The Tulip Barn / Fall at the Barn info
Period: September


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