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Pindakaas, the first peanut butter shop in the Netherlands



Peanuts are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

Pindakaas” is Dutch for peanut butter. Dutch peanut butter is popular because of its high peanut content.


De Pindakaaswinkel is a specialty store in the Netherlands that focuses on selling various types and flavors of peanut butter

De Pindakaaswinkel offers a wide selection of peanut butter products, including different nut combinations, sweet and savory flavors, and even custom-made blends.

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De Pindakaaswinkel

De Pindakaaswinkel is the first peanut butter specialty store in the Netherlands. It was established with the aim of providing customers with high-quality, freshly made peanut butter in various flavors and combinations.

It has gained popularity for its unique and gourmet approach to peanut butter, appealing to peanut butter enthusiasts and those seeking new taste experiences.



Peanut Butter Varieties: The store offers a wide range of peanut butter varieties, including traditional peanut butter made solely from peanuts, as well as unique blends mixed with other nuts, seeds, spices, or sweet ingredients. Some popular flavors include honey, sea salt, caramel sea salt, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and chili pepper.



There are two each store in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht and one each in Leiden, Maastricht and Haarlem etc.

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There are not many stores. But Pindakaaswinkel also operates an online shop. This allows for nationwide accessibility and delivery.

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