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Ice Cream Time! 7 ice cream store in Amsterdam



For a break, after work, or for dessert after dinner, it is an ice cream time!

Ice cream taht you want to eat every day in the summer.

There are many delicious Italian gelato shops in Amsterdam, and it’s not surprising that there is a line every day.

Delicious and popular ice cream shop information in Amsterdam here.





IJscuypje, a major chain store

IJscuypje is the ice cream chain in Amsterdam.

There are many shops near the Central Station, Flower Market, Albert Cuype Market, etc., so many of you may have seen them.

Some stores are only open during the summer, but this is one of the ice cream stores where people line up when the weather is nice.

There are always about 20 different flavors, and you can eat Dutch flavor ice cream, such as apple pie and stroopwafel.


The Albert Cuyp Market store is easy to stop by during sightseeing. It’s in a good location walking and eating in Market.

IJscuypje, Albert Cuyp Market info(2023)
address:Eerste van der Helststraat 27, 1073 AC Amsterdam





Everyone loves Massimo Gelato

Massimo Gelato is an Italian gelato shop with several locations in Amsterdam.

There are many kinds, from standard flavors such as lemon, chocolate, and pistachio, to unique flavors such as coffee & hazelnuts and ricotta cheese & figs.


Italian gelato made with high quality ingredients from the farm is really delicious. There is always a line at the store near the Albert Cuyp Market.

Massimo Gelato, De Pijp info(2023)
address:Van Ostadestraat 147 H, 1072 SW Amsterdam
URL:Massimo gelato.com






Speaking of ice cream, It’s Pisa IJs

Pisa IJs in front of RAI is a super famous and popular ice cream shop that Amsterdammers definitely knows.

Open every summer since 1935, Pisa IJs has over 60 flavors of Italian gelato.

There are about 20 flavors in the store, and it change every day. So you always find new flavors when you visit again.

Pisa IJs is open from noon to midnight, and there is always a line.

Pisa IJs info(2023)
address:Scheldeplein 22, 1078 GN Amsterdam





Long-established ice cream parlor, Ijsboefje

Het ijsboefje in Amsterdam Oost is a traditional ice cream parlor that has been in business since 1957.

It’s a beautiful building and interior. There are terrace seats, so you can sit and eat ice cream with coffee.


Het ijsboefje info(2023)
address:Beukenplein 5, 1091 KC Amsterdam
URL:Het ijsboefje




Chocolate ice cream in Chocolate shop, Van Soest

Van Soest, a chocolate shop in Amsterdam, sells ice cream only during the summer.

There are few flavors, but the chocolate-flavored ice cream is exceptionally delicious. Caramel, ricotta and figs are also popular flavors.

Van Soest info(2023)
hours:8:30-18(Mon and Sun from 12:00)
address:Frederiksplein 1A, 1017 XK Amsterdam
URL:Van Soest Chocolatier





Van der Linde with whipped ice cream

Van der Linde near Dam Square is very delicious! It’s my favorite store.

Van der Linde only sell one type of ice cream, but it is an ice cream shop that always has a line throughout the year.

The freshly made ice cream has a fluffy whipped cream texture. It’s so delicious and addictive.

Van der Linde info(2023)
hours:11-17(Closed on Mon and Tue)
address:Nieuwendijk 183, 1012 MG Amsterdam




Nuts & Spices ice cream, La Gelafferia

La Gelafferia, next door to Noorderkerk (North Church), has homemade ice cream with a wide variety of nuts and spices.

Yogurt honey nuts were very delicious. Recommended for walnut lovers!

La Gelafferia info(2023)
hours:13-18(Closed on Wed)
address:Prinsengracht 16, 1015 DV Amsterdam
URL:La Gelafferia.com



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