Amazing Immersive artworks with Projection Mapping in Amsterdam



In 2022, the immersive art space Fabrique des Lumieres opened on the site of a former gas factory in Amsterdam’s Westerpark.

Fabrique des Lumieres is an art space where you can see impressive projection mapping.

The exhibition that started on March 22, 2024 and focuses on Dutch master painters is very wonderful. Must see!

Fabrique des Lumieres
Dutch Masters, From Vermeer to Van Gogh
(From 22 March 2024)
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Immersive Artworks

Immersive art refers to artworks or installations that envelop the viewer in an environment or experience, often blurring the boundaries between the physical space and the artwork itself.

These works typically engage multiple senses, including sight, sound, touch, and sometimes even smell, to create a fully immersive and interactive experience for the viewer.

Projection mapping is a common technique used in immersive art, where images or animations are projected onto surfaces such as walls, floors, or objects to create dynamic and visually stunning displays. This technique can transform static spaces into dynamic and ever-changing environments.





Immersive Digital Art Center

At Fabrique des Lumières, a French-based digital art center, offers immersive experiences where visitors are surrounded by projected images, music, and sound effects, creating a multi-sensory journey through art.

Fabrique des Lumières, which opened in April 2022 in Amsterdam’s Westerpark, is a renovated 19th-century gas factory.

The exhibition room has a ceiling height of 17m. The images projected onto this huge space using the highest quality projector are truly spectacular.

This is a new type of museum where you can immerse yourself in the gap between reality and virtuality using projection mapping and music.


The main video (25-35 minutes) and sub-video (15-20 minutes) are projected repeatedly and alternately. Approximate viewing time will be 1 to 2 hours.

Fabrique des Lumieres info(2024)
hours:9 – 17
*Open until 21pm on Fri and Sat
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MAP:Pazzanistraat 37, Amsterdam








Exhibition in 2024

The Fabric des Lumières exhibition changes every year.

In 2024, a new series began on March 22nd with the theme “Hollandse Meesters, Van Vermeer tot Van Gogh“.

With the theme of Dutch master painters, more than 300 famous Dutch paintings and impressive works are projected one after another.


In Van Gogh’s work, sunflowers spread out all over the place, and I was drawn into the worldview of “Starry Night.”


Rembrandt’s masterpiece, “The Night Watch,” was a cool effects that made it look like a vigilante group was rousing itself in a burning city.


Fabric des Lumières also has a small exhibition room.

Don’t forget to watch in a mirrored room. The images projected onto the ceiling are reflected in the mirrors, creating an infinitely expanding piece of art. When you lie down and watch it, it’s wonderful. You can immerse yourself in your own world.


This season’s main video is 34 minutes long. It was like taking a short trip into the world of 325 paintings created by masters. It was amazing.

The sub-video “Mondrian Exhibition” has a more modern look, and the contrast between the main and sub is also a highlight.