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Great Texel sightseeing with lots of discounts. Explore the small island in the north of the Netherlands.



Texel in the northern part of the Netherlands is a small island in the North Sea. You can visit the island by ferry from Den Helder.


Texel can be reached in about two hours from Amsterdam by train, bus and ferry.

Cars are also allowed on the ferry, so you can go to Texel with your own car. Traveling around Texel by car is smoother and more convenient.



How to get to Texel

The train (Intercity) takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station to Den Helder Station, where the ferry to Texel is located. It runs about once every 30 minutes.

Bus number 33 from Den Helder Station to the ferry terminal takes about 10 minutes.

The ferry takes about 20 minutes to Texel.


After arriving at Texel by ferry, take the bus (number 28) to the beach and get off at Dorpsstraat. The bus takes about 20 minutes. You will arrive at the beach in about 10 minutes on foot from the bus stop.

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Tourist Offices in Texel VVV

Traveling by ferry excites the travel mood. Sightseeing in Texel is a short trip in Holland that feels like a vacation.


Before visiting the island of Texel, which is perfect for summer trips, check out the website of the Texel Tourist Information Center (VVV Texel). They provide a lot of tourist information on website.


Vakantie op Texel boeken

VVV Texel homepage is like a guidebook and very useful.

All tourism information such as access to Texel Island, bus information, rental bicycle information, beach information, restaurant and event information is posted.

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Stay on Texel

It takes about 3 hours from Amsterdam to the beach, so you can enjoy swimming even on a day trip.

But there are many accommodations and restaurants on the island, so you can stay for one night on the weekend or even for a long vacation.


Check the VVV Texel website to find accommodation on Texel.

When you book your stay through VVV Texel, you will receive a Texel Passport. While traveling with Texel Passport, you can get lots of discount in the shopping, on the leisure & attraction and in the restaurants etc.

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Getting a Texel Passport is easy. Simply book your accommodation through the VVV Texel website.

There are over 1700 accommodation options available for booking through VVV Texel, including B&Bs, hotels, cottages, villas and bungalows. You can search and make reservations for accommodations that meet your needs, such as the number of people and length of stay.

Some lodging facilities offer discounts even if you make a last minute reservation, so be sure to check the website of VVV Texel.

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It seems that Texel Passport can receive a discount of up to 300 euros.

Get discounts at restaurants, get free drinks at cafes, and get discounts on bike rentals. , you can get many discounts with Texel Passport.

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When you visit Texel Island, book your accommodation through VVV Texel and get a great sightseeing with a lot of discounts!

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Leisure time in Holland! Make plan to go camping!!
A Dutch-style vacation is camping in a nature-filled holiday park, called Vakantiepark. There are comfy bungalows, great nature, pool and some entertainments. Find a Vakantiepark that fits your style!