Dutch local cream puff pastry Bossche Bollen, is my favorite you should eat



The ball-shaped Bossche Bol is a cream puff with plenty of whipped cream inside.

It looks like a cream puff, but unlike choux pastry, the Bossche Bol features a moist pastry and chocolate on top. It looks like a big size eclair.


Bossche Bollen, which can be purchased at supermarkets, are the size of a tennis ball. But the traditional size is as big as 12 cm in diameter.

The traditional size Bossche Bol is a cake that is difficult to eat gracefully as it leaves your mouth and hands sticky after eating.



Dutch local sweets

Bossche Bollen is a famous sweets from ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

‘s-Hertogenbosch is a city halfway between Utrecht and Eindhoven, and can be reached in an hour by train from Amsterdam.

Banketbakkerij Jan de Groot, a long-established pastry shop in front of ‘s-Hertogenbosch station, is so popular that people line up every day.

Visit the Cathedral Sint Jans (Sint-Janskathedraal) and the Design Museum at ‘s-Hertogenbosch, then eat Bossche Bol at Jan de Groot.

Jan de Groot (Sep 2022 survey)
Open: 8am-18pm (closed on Sun)
Address: Stationsweg 24, 5211 TW ‘s-Hertogenbosch
URL: Banketbakkerij Jan de Groot




History of Bossche Bollen

Before the 20th century, Bossche Bollen filled with custard cream was sold in bakeries.

In 1920, the current version of Bossche Bollen, filled with whipped cream and coated with chocolate, were born in a bakery in Den Haag.

There are now many different recipes, but the only recipe recognized as Real Bossche Bol is the one produced and marketed by Jan de Groot.


Every year on April 27th, on King’s Day, Orange Bossche Bollen will be in supermarkets.

King’s Day limited edition Bossche Bol is also the one and only Bossche Bol.



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