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Train trips in the Netherlands and to Europe. How to get discounts or find cheap tickets【Travel saving method】



Trains are basically a convenient means of transportation as it run on time. Just sometimes it has delayed or suspended due to strikes or breakdowns…



Train travel within the Netherlands

From 2023, Dutch trains (NS) have increased fares. In addition, the number of trains has decreased due to a shortage of personnel, so the trains can be crowded during rush hour, and it is metaphorized as “just like Tokyo”.

Although it is such a Dutch railway, trains that can move between cities without geting stuck in traffic are still convenient.


Do you know that you can get a discount if you sign up for a Dutch Railways subscription? You may be able to get discounts of up to 40%. It will be more easy to choose taking trains for travel and sightsee in the Netherlands.

Weekend Voordeel, which I have a subscription for, offers a 40% discount only on weekends and holidays.

For example a one-way fare of €17.90 from Amsterdam to Rotterdam becomes €10.74 one-way with Weekend Voordeel. It can save €14 round trip.

Weekend Voordeel costs €2.20 per month, but the discount is more bigger, so you’ll save a lot. In addition, there are some more subscription that allow you to ride at a discounted rate even on weekdays.

NS Flex subscription >>


The advantage of this NS subscription is that you can unsubscribe for months when you don’t use it. By subscribing when you plan to go out, and unsubscribing when you don’t go out for a while, you don’t have to worry about wasting money.

The initial registration costs about €10, but it’s cheaper than riding without a discount. It is a subscription that you want to register before traveling and sightseeing in various parts of the Netherlands.

* For the registration you need, address in the Netherlands, Dutch bank account and OV-chipkaart.

NS Flex subscription >>





Train travel in Europe

You can travel from the Netherlands to other parts of Europe using high-speed trains.

Various railways are in operation, such as NS International, which connects the Netherlands to neighboring countries, Thalys, a high-speed train that runs from the Netherlands to Paris, and Eurostar, which runs from Amsterdam to London.

Fares for trains in Europe fluctuate depending on the time and season. Tickets may be expensive if purchased last minute or during high season. Therefore, it is recommended to buy tickets early to find cheap one. Plan your trip early and get cheap tickets.



A romantic train trip can also be realized on a Night trains (Nightjet) from the Netherlands.

Travel overnight from Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem to Munich, Germany, Zurich, Switzerland, Vienna and Innsbruck, Australia.

A typical sleeper train room type has 2 bunk beds (for 4 people) or 2 triple beds (for 6 people), so you can ride and stay with your family and friends in one room. There is also the ladies only compartment.

Eating in the dining car, and Watching the beautiful sunrise/sunset will be a valuable experience. And the moderate swaying of the train makes it surprisingly comfortable to sleep in, so you can enjoy sightseeing the next day with energetic!

It takes more than 12 hours to travel, but you can spend a leisurely time on a night train trip. Prices vary depending on the season, but sometimes you can find a ticket around €60.

Nightjet official web >>