【Germany】Christmas Market in Köln 2022



About 3 hours by train from Amsterdam, Köln (Cologne) is Germany’s fourth largest city after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

Christmas markets are held throughout the city of Köln in December. Among them, Weihnachtsmarkt Köln, which is held in front of the World Heritage Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral), is the largest in the city and attracts more than 4 million visitors in a month.






at the Kölner Dom

The Christmas market, Weihnachtsmarkt Köln in the square of the Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral) is the most popular. There are huge Christmas trees, merry-go-rounds, and lots of shops.

The light up after sunset is super beautiful, so you should see it!

Kölner Dom Xmas market 2022
17th Nov to 23rd Dec
Location:Square in front of Kölner Dom (Roncalliplatz)




Old town Altstadt

The Christmas market Altstadt in the old town has a dwarf motif, and you can find illustrations and objects of cute dwarfs here and there.

It also has a skating rink.

Altstadt Xmas market 2022
21st Nov to 23rd Dec
Location:Heumarkt amd Alter Markt





Angel’s Xmas Market

Markt der Engel, a Christmas market visited by angels. You may be able to meet angels with nice wings here.

Markt der Engel Xmas market 2022
17th Nov to 23rd Dec




City garden Stadtgarten

The City Garden Christmas Market Stadtgarten takes place in a quiet park. You can enjoy the harmony of nature and Christmas illumination.

Stadtgarten Xmas market 2022
17th Nov to 23rd Dec
Location:Stadtgarten Restaurant




Christmas Market Tour


Let’s drink Mulled Wine!

Try a mulled wine called Glühwein when you’re chilled out at a German Christmas market. Glühwein is a warm cocktail of wine with spices and is a traditional German winter drink.

Glühwein cups are served in glass or china. Please do not throw away this cup. The deposit will be refunded upon return.

The design of the cup is different at the christmas market. Therefore, some people collect it. When you find a favorite bring it home as a souvenir, and enjoy the atmosphere of the Christmas market at home.