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【Dutch Design】Stay in the Netherlands! 15 unique hotels



What are your criteria for choosing a hotel?

price? or location?

Choosing a hotel is one of the important choices when traveling.

When you’re looking for a hotel in the Netherlands, it might be a good idea to add the designability to the selection criteria.

The Netherlands is a country of design that is called Dutch design.

Staying in a uniquely designed hotel will be a valuable experience.



Crane hotels

It is ideal for those who like construction equipment and those who like high places.


The most luxurious crane! Faralda Crane Hotel, Amsterdam

Faralda Crane Hotel is a renovated 50m high crane that was originally used in the harbor and has three rooms at 35m, 40m and 45m above the ground.

The Crane Hotel is a five-star ultra-luxury hotel with modern and luxurious interiors.

It seems to sway on windy days.

Design: IAA Architecten
Location: NDSM-Plein 78, 1033 WB Amsterdam
URL:Booking.com, Faralda Crane Hotel >>



Comfortable crane hotel! YAYS Crane Apartment, Amsterdam

YAYS Crane was built in 1958 and was used until 1979, but the residents wanted to keep it without dismantling it, so the renovation as a hotel was realized.

YAYS Crane Apartment is named an apartment, but it is a four-star.

Design: Edwardvan Vliet
Location: Surinamekade 5D, 1019 BH Amsterdam
URL:Booking.com, Yays Crane Apartment >>




Chartered Crane! Havenkraan, Harlingen

Havenkraan, Crane Hotel in Harlingen, a town in the north of the Netherlands, has only one guest room. Yes, you can stay as if it were your own crane.

Location: Dokkade 5, 8862 NZ Harlingen
URL:Booking.com, Havenkraan >>





Vehicle-type hotels

It is a hotel where you can stay on a ship or an airplane. Sometimes it’s important to be a kid again and just have fun.


Feeling like a luxury liner? Amstel Botel, Amsterdam

Amstel Botel is a 3-star hotel in a renovated ocean liner.

This hotel is conveniently located 15 minutes by free ferry from Amsterdam Central Station and reasonably priced.

Design: MMX architecten with Jord den Hollander
Location: NDSM-Pier 3, 1033 RG Amsterdam
URL:Booking.com, Amstel Botel >>




Houseboat B&B! Houseboat – Room with a view, Amsterdam

A houseboat on a canal is a traditional Dutch house. Staying in a modern houseboat is another uniquely Dutch experience.

The rooms at Houseboat – Room with a view overlook the Amstel River. Also good location for shopping at Albert Cuyp Market.

Location: Amsteldijk 712, 1074 JH Amsterdam
URL:Booking.com, Houseboat >>





Stay in a Private Jet! Vliegtuigsuite, Teuge

Vliegtuigsuite is irresistible for airplane lovers. The room with the cockpit is a 40m long suite.

The view from the window is the adjacent Teuge airport runway. Enjoy your trip in a comfortable cockpit room.

Location: De Zanden 61b, 7395 PA Teuge
URL:Booking.com, Vliegtuigsuite >>





Monument type hotels

These are weird hotels in Holland. It’s a spot that is likely to be introduced on a TV program, like “Can I stay in a place like this!?” .


Stay in the windmill! Mondriaanmolen, Amsterdam

There are several windmills in Holland where you can stay overnight. Among them, Mondriaanmolen is located near Amsterdam.

Built in 1874, a converted windmill, the three-storey hotel is a quiet place surrounded by rivers and meadows. You can spend a relaxing vacation.

Location: Gein Zuid 14, 1391 GT Abcoude
URL:Booking.com, Mondriaanmolen >>



Stay at the lighthouse! Seintoren Gooizicht B&B, Almere

Saintoren Gooizicht B&B in a renovated lighthouse on the shores of Lake Gooimeer in Almere, is a popular B&B with 360-degree views.

Location: Havenhoofd 134, 1353 PM Almere
URL:Airbnb, Seintoren Gooizicht B&B >>



Stay at the water tower! Watertoren, Gouda

Renovated from a factory water tower, Watertoren is the smallest house in the Netherlands.

The height of the building is 10m, but the room size is about 2m square. I worry that I might fall down the stairs while sleeping.

Location: Plateelstraat 1, 2801 WK Gouda
URL:Booking.com, Watertoren >>



Stay in a wine barrel! Hotel de Vrouwe, Stavoren

Hotel de Vrouwe is a 3-star hotel where you can stay in a wine barrel with a capacity of 23,000 liters. You can feel like a hobbit.

Location: Havenweg 1, 8715 EM Stavoren
URL:Booking.com, Hotel de Vrouwe >>





Dutch Design Hotels

The Dutch Design Hotel has a modern and stylish exterior and interior.


The largest hotel in the Benelux! Hotel nhow Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam

Hotel nhow Amsterdam RAI is a new 4-star hotel completed 2019.

The shape of the building, which consists of three stacked triangular volumes, was inspired by the adjoining advertising tower.

Design: OMA、Reinier de Graaf
Location: Europaboulevard 2b, 1078 RV Amsterdam
URL:Booking.com, Hotel nhow Amsterdam RAI >>



Stacking houses! Inntel Hotels, Zaandam

Inntel Hotels is a 4-star hotel with a façade of piled up of traditional green-coloured houses in Zaandam. It is a landmark of Zaandam.

Design: WAM Architecten
Location: Provincialeweg 102, 1506 MD Zaandam
URL:Booking.com, Inntel Hotels >>




Tilted buildings! Cube House Stayokay, Rotterdam

Cube House Stayokay is a three-story hostel with walls tilted about 55 degrees.

It was designed with the hope that it would be a comfortable residential area for residents, neighbors, and people who go to town.

Design: Piet Blom
Location: Overblaak 70, 3011 MH Rotterdam
URL:Booking.com, Cube House Stayokay >>





Castle and Church hotels

This is a hotel where you can experience medieval Europe. It is a special hotel that makes you want to dress up and visit.


Old castle hotel! Kasteel Kerckebosch, Zeist

Kasteel Kerckebosch is a 4-star hotel in a renovated historic castle. The hotel has a beautiful contrast between the old building and the modern interior.

Location: Arnhemsebovenweg 31, 3708 AA Zeist
URL:Booking.com, Kasteel Kerckeosch >>



Super luxurious monastery! Kruisherenhotel, Maastricht

Kruisherenhotel is a 5-star hotel in a renovated Gothic monastery.

The hotel is beautiful with its medieval history building and luxurious designer furnishings. And the restaurant inside the church is like a banquet hall in heaven.

Maastricht is famous for its Christmas markets, so this is the hotel which want to stay at during Christmas season.

Design: Rob Brouwers / SATIJNplus
Location: Kruisherengang 19, 6211 NW Maastricht
URL:Booking.com, Kruisherenhotel >>


【Netherlands】Maastricht, the city of history and gastronomy
Maastricht is strongly influenced by the various food cultures of European countries, and is famous city for its delicious food in the Netherlands. It is said that “Maastricht is a city of gastronomy!“.