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Amsterdam, King’s Day Events and Rules to know 2023



Amsterdam becomes a party city on King’s Day.

In large parks such as Vondelpark, Flea markets are held from early in the morning, and there are many boats on the canals.





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A music fes like night clubs open in squares and parks, and the festivities are day and night. If you walk downtown, ou will definitely see people dancing.






Flea market

King’s Day is Flea market day.

All over the Netherlands, anyone can freely open a flea market. Many people take in parks, but you can see flea markets everywhere, whether in residential areas or downtown areas.

In downtown Amsterdam, Vondelpark and NDSM are big flea market place.

Also in the Jordaan area is popular, but there are many shops selling alcohol such as beer in this area, so there will be very clowded in the afternoon.





Large flea market in Noord

At NDSM in Amsterdam-Noord (north) has a free event where you can enjoy music and food with your family and friends and celebrate King’s Day together.

In 2023, events are planned around a flea market for children.

NDSM Vrijhaven King’s Day 2023
27th April 12:00 – 20:00
address:tt. Neveritaweg 1033 WB AMSTERDAM
URL:NDSM Vrijhaven King’s Day






With Children

Bredeweg Festival in Amsterdam-Oost (east) is a family-friendly event. There are many events that can be enjoyed with children.

Bredeweg Festival 2023
26th and 27th April
address:Bredeweg 1098 BR Amsterdam
URL:Bredeweg Festival






Canal Park at Amstelveld

The park of Amstelveld also has free music festival events. This area is also chaotic every year.

Playground Speelplaats Amstelveld 2023
27th April 11:00 – 20:00
address:Amstelveld, 1017 LH Amsterdam






Kingslandfestiva in Rai

Amsterdam Rai in Amsterdam-Zuid (south) has held a big music festival, it’s very popular every year. This is you need to buy ticket for enter.

Kingslandfestival 2023
27th April 12:00〜
Ticket >>
address:Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam



Tips for Kings Day in Amsterdam

King’s Day is a national festival. It’s a more lively event than New Year’s and Christmas.

Here are some tips you need to know to enjoy your day.

This is just a quick overview, for more details read the rules by Amsterdam City Hall.

*Note! The rules differ depending on the municipality.



Beware of pickpockets!

Be careful of pickpockets when going out to downtown! Everywhere in the city will be a nightclub-like day.

I do not recommend putting your wallet or smartphone in your back pocket, or carrying a backpack or a handbag.

I think a waist bag or a body bag is good for carrying your valuables. In the case of a backpack, carry it on your front in a crowded place.



Check your transportation!

On King’s Day, the downtown area of Amsterdam becomes a pedestrian zone, so cars cannot enter to the downtown.

Bicycles will probably pass, but there are too many people on the street, so maybe you cannot ride. And if you are judged to be driving dangerously, you may be warned by the police.

Trams and buses will be suspended in the downtown area.

Subways and ferries operate.


Participate in the flea market

Only on King’s Day anyone can have a flea market from 6am to 8pm.

Any place you can take your flea market, but disaster routes, places that block traffic, in front of entrances, bridges, and fire hydrants are not allowed.

You can sell anything, such as used toys and furniture, but you cannot sell living things or alcohol.

You can only sell food if you are registered as a merchant for that food with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK).

Read more about Amsterdam City Hall regulations.



The rules for driving a boat

There are also rules for driving a boat on King’s Day.

  • Do not sail above 6km/h.
  • Stay as close to the right side as possible.
  • Do not play music or shout.
  • Drunk driving is prohibited.

Read more about Amsterdam City Hall regulations.



Beware of excessive drinking!

You can buy some alcohol on the street. However, make sure you don’t have more than 1 piece of alcohol with you on the street.

Holding a packs beer or holding more than 1 glass with alcohol are prohibited and will result in a fine.




Toilet map

Don’t pee in the canal. Urinating outside the designated areas is fined.

Many temporary toilets are set up in the city on King’s Day.

Toilet map >>