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Join NS Flex, the Dutch Railways subscription service and get discounts!

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A cashless payment has been introduced to Dutch public transportation, making it easier for travelers to use trains and buses.

Simply hold your Credit card or Smartphone over the ticket gate to automatically pay, so you can take the train without purchasing a ticket at a ticket vending machine.

Of course, people who are living in the Netherlands can use public transportation with cashless payments. However, using OV-chipkaart can be used more economically on public transport.

The OV-chipkaart is a contactless smart card used for public transportation in the Netherlands, including trains operated by the Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen, NS).

There are two types of OV-chipkaart, Personal cards and Anonymous cards. Personal OV-chipkaarts are linked to an individual’s personal details and may have additional benefits, such as the ability to add subscriptions like NS Flex to the card.

By subscribing to NS Flex, you can ride trains at a discounted price.

NS Flex is a subscription you should subscribe to if you live in the Netherlands and want to explore the Netherlands by train.




Season tickets, economical and flexible travel with NS Flex

NS Flex is a subscription-based service offered by the Dutch Railways. When you have personal OV-chipkaart, you can easily link to their NS Flex subscription.

Instead of purchasing individual tickets, NS Flex customers pay a monthly fee based on their travel preferences and usage.

One of the advantages of NS Flex is the flexibility it provides. You can change or cancel their subscription every month without incurring penalties. Additionally, with NS Flex, passengers don’t need to worry about having enough credit on their OV-chipkaart for their journey as the costs are automatically calculated based on their travel activities.

(*The posted price is the price in June 2023.)

*NS Flex is a Dutch Railways subscription. Subscription discounts do not apply to trams, metro, buses and other railway companies.



Travelling in the weekend just once a month; Weekend Voordeel

Weekend Voordeel is a low-priced subscription with a monthly fee of €2.20, and offers a 40% discount between 18:30 on Friday and 4:00 on Monday morning.

If you sometimes travel during weekends, for example a nice day out to see family or friends, NS Flex Weekend Voordeel soon works out as more economical than individual tickets.


For example, a return trip from Amsterdam to Rotterdam of €35.80 becomes €21.48 with the Weekend Voordeel discount. Save over €14!

The perfect subscription for a weekend trip on the Dutch trains at least once a month.

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Discounts on Weekend and Off-peak hours of Weekday; Dal Voordeel

Dal Voordeel, which costs €5.60 per month, offers 40% discount weekend fares between 18:30 on Friday and 4:00 on Monday morning, in addition 40% discount during Off-peak hours on weekdays.

Peak hours are 6:30-09:00 and 16:00-18:30. Discounts are available on weekdays from 9:00 to 16:00 and after 18:30.

Of course, anytime of weekends are discounted.

Dal Voordeel is a subscription suitable for people with irregular days-off and those who often go out on weekdays.

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Always Advantage; Altijd Voordeel

Altijd Voordeel, which costs €26.70 per month, offers always discounted include peak hours on weekday.

40% discount weekend, 40% discount off-peak hours on weekdays, and 20% discount peak hours on weekdays.

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Unlimited on weekends; Weekend Vrij

Weekend Vrij, which costs €34.95 per month, is a flat-rate subscription for rides between 18:30 on Fridays and 04:00 on Mondays.

Even if you travel every weekend from Amsterdam to Maastricht, a city in the south of the Netherlands, the monthly price is a flat rate of €34.95.


For example, a round trip from Amsterdam to Maastricht would normally cost €58.80. Even if with the 40% off fare it would cost about €35.28. So Weekend Vrij is the best value.

Also when you go out by train more than twice a month, it often costs more than 40 euros.

Weekend Vrij is suitable for long-distance travellers on weekends or for going out more than once a month.

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kids free plan・Kids Vrij

Children ages 4 to 11 are always free. However you will need to create own OV-chipkaart for your child.

Create your child’s own OV-chipkaart and subscribe to Kids Vrij for €0/month and ride for free.

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Don’t forget to change your plan to €0 for months when you don’t use Dutch trains!

NS Flex of the Dutch Railways subscription is a monthly fee, so you will be charged for the subscription even if you do not use it.

It’s easy to forget because it will be debited from your bank account, but you need to change your subscription to Basis (basic plan) for €0 per month when you don’t use it.

When you don’t go out for a while, you can avoid paying unnecessary monthly fees by changing to the basic plan. It takes less than a minute to change your subscription. You can easily change it by NS app.

*You can change your subscription up to once a month.


For joining to NS Flex subscription, there is an initial cost of €10. However, it is not expensive at all because you can receive more discounts.

NS Flex is a subscription that you should know before traveling and sightseeing in various parts of the Netherlands.

NS Flex Subscription >>


*NS Flex is a Dutch Railways subscription. Subscription discounts do not apply to trams, metro, buses and other railway companies.




Tips For Travelers

If you do not have a personal OV-chipkaart, you can get a 10% discount if you purchase your ticket online 4 days in advance.

Off-Peak Early Booking >>


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