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【Germany】A day trip to a SPA in Cologne from Amsterdam!



From Amsterdam you can reach Köln (Cologne) in Germany in about 3 hours by train.

Cologne is famous for the Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral), the largest Gothic building in the world. The Kölner Dom, also a World Heritage Site, is truly beautiful.

During the Christmas season, a Christmas market is held in the square in front of the Kölner Dom, which attracts many tourists every year.


Christmas Day at the Kölner Dom



Did you know that there is a SPA (Claudius Therme) full of natural minerals about 30 minutes on foot from such Kölner Dom?

From Amsterdam take the train to Cologne, visit the Kölner Dom, relax at the Claudius Therme, have dinner, then return to Amsterdam by train. It’s a bit of a hard schedule, but a SPA trip is possible even on a day trip.




Claudius Therme

Claudius Therme is a sodium chloride hot spring that contains plenty of natural minerals, and is a natural hot spring that is also effective as a hot spring cure.


Facility information




Claudius Therme(@claudius_therme)がシェアした投稿

Claudius Therme is a large facility. There is one large indoor heated pool and three small heated pools, each with a different temperature of 33 to 37 degrees Celsius. The facility is unisex, and swimwear is required in the pool.

The large heated pool is connected to the outdoors, so you can go back and forth between indoors and outdoors while swimming in the pool.






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Many of the heated pools are deep tubs with a depth of 1 m or more. However, there is a shallow pool inside where you can bathe in a sitting position. You can take a bath even while lying down, just like a warm bed. This is a very satisfying place for Japanese people who love hot springs.






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Sauna is upstairs. Swimsuits are not allowed in the sauna.





Prices for 2022 €15 for 2 hours. (2 euros more expensive on weekends.)

You can take a relaxing bath even in 2 hours. If you have enough time, we recommend using it for 4 hours, you will have time to take a relaxing bath and change clothes.

  • 2hours €15(weekend:€17)
  • 4hours €21(weekend:€23)
  • 1Day €29(weekend:€31)
  • additional Sauna €8





Claudius Therme is a 30 minute walk from the Köln Dom. You can take a walk while enjoying the scenery of the Rhine.

There are no stations or bus stops around Claudius Therme. Parking at the Claudius Therme costs €3 per day.




Claudius Therme info(2022)
Hours: 9:00 to 24:00
Address: Sachsenbergstraße 1, 50679 Köln, Germany




Day trip model plan

There are several direct trains a day from Amsterdam to Cologne.

Amsterdam 8:19 – Cologne 10:53
Amsterdam 10:38 – Cologne 13:19
Amsterdam 12:42 – Cologne 15:22


Depart in the morning and arrive in Cologne around noon. First of all, it is lunch time in front of the Cologne Central Station.


After lunch, visit the Köln Dom. The Köln Dom is free to enter. (The tour takes about 1 hour)

After the Dom, head to the Rhine River, which flows east of the Köln Dom.


Cross the Hohenzollernbrücke, a bridge over the Rhine. There are many padlocks on this bridge. These padlocks are called Love padlocks, and there is a romantic legend that if you write your name and your partner’s on it and lock it, your eternal love will come true.


After crossing the Rhine, head north along the river. Take a 20-minute walk with views of the Rhine, then you will reach Claudius Therme.

Let’s enjoy the hot springs leisurely with the 2-hour plan.


The hot spring water at the entrance of the facility is drinkable. The water is rich in minerals and is good for the stomach. (It tastes like salty iron.)

After warming up in the hot spring let’s go back the way, and have dinner at a restaurant near the cathedral, and then head back home.

Train info from Cologne to Amsterdam
Cologne 17:45 – Amsterdam 20:29
Cologne 19:13 – Amsterdam 21:59
Cologne 20:26 – Amsterdam 23:29


When you have 6 hours to stay in Cologne, you can visit the Köln Dom, enter the SPA, have Dinner, and enjoy a day trip. (But it’s a bit hard schedule.)

A trip to a hot spring in winter is a tradition in Japan. You can enjoy Japanese culture even in Europe.

Don’t forget your SPA items, towels, swimwear and flip flops!



Christmas in Cologne

When you visit in the Christmas season, I recommend staying. After the SPA, visit Cologne’s Christmas markets.




Stay in Cologne

The 4-star Hotel Mondial am Dom next to the Köln Dom is a popular with modern interiors and a convenient location for sightseeing.

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