【Netherlands】Maastricht, the city of history and gastronomy

Maastricht is strongly influenced by the various food cultures of European countries, and is famous city for its delicious food in the Netherlands. It is said that “Maastricht is a city of gastronomy!“.

【Netherlands】History of Tulips and Tulpenmanie

In the 17th century, there was a time when the price of tulip bulbs brought skyrocketed and then suddenly collapsed. This is called Tulip mania.

The Life of Dutch Painter Van Gogh

Van Gogh Museum has mthan 200 paintings, including Self-portrait and Sunflowers, and a letter to his brother are also on display. Works by Gauguin of the same period and Japanese ukiyo-e prints that Van Gogh liked are also on display.

A miraculous and perfect sound hall, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam

With four excellent halls, the Concertgebouw, with its perfect sounds design, ranks among the top 3 in the world for the best concert halls for symphonies.

The history of Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the largest in the Netherlands

It is now the largest museum in the Netherlands, but in the 85 years since the opening of the first national museum until the construction of the current Rijksmuseum, there was a past in which works of art moved around the country.

from Amsterdam City Hall, to Palace, to Villa, to Royal Palace

The symbol of Dam Square of the Royal Palace was originally built as the city hall of Amsterdam in the 17th century.

Nieuwe Kerk, the historic New Church on Dam Square in Amsterdam

Nieuwe Kerk is the Dutch royal church and it is a historic church built over 600 years ago, it is still called a new church. This is a museum where you can see various exhibitions.

Oude Kerk, the oldest church in Amsterdam

The Oude Kerk is the oldest building church in Amsterdam. This area was a cemetery in the early 13th century. A wooden chapel was built for the safety of sailors in what was then a fishing village in Amsterdam.