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the Sea of Holland, go to the beach for day trip or on vacation!



It’s summer. It’s beach season.

Visit 6 beaches, seas and resorts in Holland.




Zandvoort beach 30 min from Amsterdam

Zandvoort is an accessible beach 30 minutes from Amsterdam by train. It’s a convenient location where you can go for a beer even after work.


5 minutes walk from Zandvoort aan Zee station to reach the beach.

There are many restaurants and cafes on the beach, and it is a resort area with ocean view hotels.

Zandvoort info
access:30 min by train (Sprinter) from Amsterdam Central Station to Zandvoort aan Zee Station
address:Boulevard de Favauge 13, Zandvoort
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Train trips in the Netherlands and to Europe. How to get discounts or find cheap tickets【Travel saving method】
Trains are basically a convenient means of transportation as it run on time. Dutch trains provides some discounts when you subscribe. A romantic train trip can be realized on a Night trains from the Netherlands to Switzerland, Australia and Germany.




Camping and Swimming in Bloemendaal

Bloemendaal beach can be reached by bus from Haarlem. 1 minute walk from the bus stop to the beach.

The beach is also popular as a camping area because there is a campground next to the beach.

Bloemendaal info
access:20 min by Bus (no.81) from Haarlem Station to Bloemendaal, Strand.
address:Zeeweg 84, 2051 EC Overveen
camping web:Camping de Lakens


Leisure time in Holland! Make plan to go camping!!
A Dutch-style vacation is camping in a nature-filled holiday park, called Vakantiepark. There are comfy bungalows, great nature, pool and some entertainments. Find a Vakantiepark that fits your style!





Blijburg beach near Amsterdam

Blijburg is a beach that can be reached by bicycle from Amsterdam.

This is an inland sea (ijmeer) beach, so there are no waves and it is calm. However, the sandy beach is narrow, so it is always crowded in the summer.

Blijburg info
access:20 min by tram (no.26) from Amsterdam to IJburg.
address:Pampuslaan 501, 1087 HP Amsterdam






Pampus Island in Ijmeer

Forteiland Pampus is not a beach. It is an artificial island that can be visited by ferry.

The entire island is a museum. You can reach the ferry terminal by tram from Amsterdam Central Station.

Forteiland Pampus info
access:20 min by tram (no.26) from Amsterdam to Lumierestraat.
ferry station address:Krijn Taconiskade 124a, 1087 HV Amsterdam
ferry web:veerdienstamsterdam.nl


Amazing vacation activity, Canal cruise tour in Amsterdam
Don't miss the canal cruise sightseeing. Amsterdam's canals are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The view from the canal will be a new perspective for sightseeing. It's Instagrammable!





beach resort in Scheveningen

Scheveningen is a popular beach resort in The Hague. There are many entertainment facilities such as a Ferris wheel on the sea, shopping malls, movie theaters and casinos.

This beach is also famous as the sea where winter swimming is held in New Year.

Scheveningen info
access:20 min by tram (no.9) from Den Haag station to Kurhaus.
address:Strandweg 150-154, 2586 JW Den Haag
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Idyllic Island of Texel

Texel in the northern part of the Netherlands is a small island. You can visit the island by ferry from Den Helder.

Texel can be reached in about two hours from Amsterdam by train, bus and ferry.

Texel info
access:80 min by train (Intercity) from Amsteradm to Den Helder.
10 min by bus (no.33) from Den Helder to Ferry Port.
20 min by Ferry to Texel
TESO Ferry Port web:teso.nl


Great Texel sightseeing with lots of discounts. Explore the small island in the north of the Netherlands.
When you want to visit Texel, which is island in the northern part of the Netherlands, at a great price, check out the website of the Texel tourist information center! Get a discount and save you money on nature activities, dining and accommodation.