HANAMI, Places to see spring flowers in Amsterdam

Japan has a culture of having a picnic under the cherry blossom trees in spring, it's called 'Hanami'. Amsterdam has some spring flower seeing spots where you can feel the arrival of spring. Let's go Hanami.

【Spring in the Netherlands】Keukenhof Garden where tulips are in full bloom

7 million tulips bloom in the Keukenhof Garden, which is open only from March to May. It's like a land of flowers. The garden is filled with the fragrance of flowers. See many tulips at the Keukenhof and Flower Stripes in the tulip fields.

【Netherlands】Visit to Delft Blue factory and Royal Delft Museum collection

Royal Delft factory has a history of over 360 years, and you can learn the history and construction methods of Delftware in the studio. Also you can see various pottery art collections in the museum.

Visit Delft, the place related to Vermeer

Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, who was active in the Dutch Golden Age, is one of the representative painters of baroque painting, and is a master painter of the 17th century Dutch Golden Age, along with Rembrandt.

Train trips in the Netherlands and to Europe. How to get discounts or find cheap tickets【Travel saving method】

Trains are basically a convenient means of transportation as it run on time. Dutch trains provides some discounts when you subscribe. A romantic train trip can be realized on a Night trains from the Netherlands to Switzerland, Australia and Germany.

【Travel saving method】Low cost bus trips in the Netherlands and to Europe

FlixBus has free Wi-Fi and there is a toilet in the bus, so you can spend a comfortable during the bus trip. There are likely to find cheap tickets even the day before, so it is an advantage to be able to travel when you want.

Leisure time in Holland! Make plan to go camping!!

A Dutch-style vacation is camping in a nature-filled holiday park, called Vakantiepark. There are comfy bungalows, great nature, pool and some entertainments. Find a Vakantiepark that fits your style!

【Dutch Design】Stay in the Netherlands! 15 unique hotels

When you’re looking for a hotel in the Netherlands, it might be a good idea to add the designability to the selection criteria. Staying in a Dutch design hotel will be a valuable experience.

8 Popular Dutch Cheeses, which one do you like?

There are various types of cheese produced in the Netherlands, which is one of the world’s top cheese export. Cheese is very important position for meal next to potatoes in the Netherlands.

Winter-only amusement park, Winter Paradijs in Amsterdam RAI

It's a huge amusement park that there are many entertainments such as a Ferris wheel, Aerial swings, big slides and more. The entrance fee is not cheap but it is including those attractions, so it's a great deal.

【Leiden】Siebold museum, windmills, castle ruins, university, it’s a city full of highlights

Leiden is the second most densely populated city, a student town with the oldest university, and the birthplace of the painter Rembrandt. It's a very convenient city close to Den Haag, Lisse, Keukenhof and Airport.

【Leiden】A floating Christmas market held on the canal

The floating Christmas market on a canal in Leiden was awarded Europe's Best Xmas Market 2016. There you can walk under the bridge. It's a strange feeling to look up at the bridge from water level.

【Netherlands】Let’s go to the Christmas market

Winter in Europe can be cold, dark and depressing, but a visit to a glittering Christmas market will lift your spirits. Buy Christmas ornaments and wreaths at the Christmas market to decorate your home and enjoy a sparkling Christmas!

What is the classic European Christmas cake?

There was a culture of baking large amounts of sweet bread before Christmas in Europe. Therefore it is still customary to eat bread and ginger cookies that can be stored for a long time at Christmas.

【Netherlands】Maastricht, the city of history and gastronomy

Maastricht is strongly influenced by the various food cultures of European countries, and is famous city for its delicious food in the Netherlands. It is said that “Maastricht is a city of gastronomy!“.

【Netherlands】Maastricht Christmas Market, Magical Maastricht

The Christmas market in the gastronomic city of Maastricht has many delicious food stands. Hot chocolate, Poffertjes, Oliebollen and more... It's like a food festival because all food stands are delicious.

【Germany】A day trip to a SPA in Cologne from Amsterdam!

From Amsterdam take the train to Cologne, visit the Kölner Dom, relax at the SPA Claudius Therme, have dinner, then return to home. It's a greatest SPA day trip.

【Germany】Christmas Market in Köln 2022

Christmas markets held in front of the World Heritage Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral), is the largest in the city and attracts more than 4 million visitors in a month.

【Belgium】A day trip in Brussels for seeing architecture, eating chocolate, waffles and frites!

Brussels has a lot of different cultures from Japan and the Netherlands, such as Manneken Pis, World Heritage Grand Place, Belgian waffles, Chocolate and Beer! 10 sightseeing spots in Brussels.

【Belgium】Winter Wonders is the largest and beautiful Christmas Market in Brussels

Winter Wonders is the largest and most famous Xmas market in Belgium. It is a beautiful Christmas market that you should visit once in a lifetime.