2022 Amsterdam Christmas Market infomation

Amsterdam's Christmas markets will start in December. Here is information the Christmas markets in Amsterdam 2022.

2022 Netherlands Christmas Market infomation

In 2022, many Christmas markets will be held for the first time in three years. Here is the information about this year’s event.

【Netherlands】Where can i buy flowers? Shopping for tulips and flowers.

Just by decorating your home with flowers, you can feel that your daily life has been colored, and every day will be a little happier. A list of places where you can buy flowers.

【Netherlands】History of Tulips and Tulpenmanie

In the 17th century, there was a time when the price of tulip bulbs brought skyrocketed and then suddenly collapsed. This is called Tulip mania.

Dutch Style Sinterklaas Day Celebration

the night before the celebration of Sinterklaas, children put their shoes near the fireplace or at the entrance. In recent years, there are no fireplaces, so it is common to place it next to the heater.

The Parade of Sinterklaas, Who is Sinterklaas?

When Sinterklaas arrives in the Netherlands by a steamship it is time to the parade. The Sinterklaas parade are held in cities in the Netherlands on the first Saturday (or Sunday) after November 11th.

【Malta】Sea Cave, Blue Grotto, Must go there in the morning

Malta’s blue grotto is small, but someone say it’s more beautiful than Capri. You can see a very beautiful scenery, so be sure to visit. The most beautiful emerald green blue grotto can only be seen in the morning on a sunny day.

【Malta】Let’s swim in Blue Lagoon of Comino island

The small island of Comino is most beautiful beach in Malta, famous for its crystal clear waters. The uninhabited island of Comino can be reached by ferry or by joining a tour.

【Malta】A small island country in the Mediterranean

Valletta, the capital of Malta, retains 16th-century architecture. Valletta was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980 with its diversity of architectural styles preserved, including Baroque, Mannerist, Modern and Neoclassical.

The Life of Dutch Painter Van Gogh

Van Gogh Museum has mthan 200 paintings, including Self-portrait and Sunflowers, and a letter to his brother are also on display. Works by Gauguin of the same period and Japanese ukiyo-e prints that Van Gogh liked are also on display.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, a bathtub-shaped building

City Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam with a large roof, is a modern art museum with a collection of about 90,000 works of art.

A miraculous and perfect sound hall, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam

With four excellent halls, the Concertgebouw, with its perfect sounds design, ranks among the top 3 in the world for the best concert halls for symphonies.

The history of Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the largest in the Netherlands

It is now the largest museum in the Netherlands, but in the 85 years since the opening of the first national museum until the construction of the current Rijksmuseum, there was a past in which works of art moved around the country.

from Amsterdam City Hall, to Palace, to Villa, to Royal Palace

The symbol of Dam Square of the Royal Palace was originally built as the city hall of Amsterdam in the 17th century.

Nieuwe Kerk, the historic New Church on Dam Square in Amsterdam

Nieuwe Kerk is the Dutch royal church and it is a historic church built over 600 years ago, it is still called a new church. This is a museum where you can see various exhibitions.

Oude Kerk, the oldest church in Amsterdam

The Oude Kerk is the oldest building church in Amsterdam. This area was a cemetery in the early 13th century. A wooden chapel was built for the safety of sailors in what was then a fishing village in Amsterdam.

Waffle? Biscuits? Dutch caramel cookie, Stroopwafel

Stroopwafel is a sweet you must eat in the Netherlands. It is a type of waffle, but it looks like a flat biscuit. Between the biscuits is filled with plenty of caramel syrup called Stroop.

Dutch local cream puff pastry Bossche Bollen, is my favorite you should eat

It looks like a cream puff, but unlike choux pastry, the Bossche Bol features a moist pastry and chocolate on top. It looks like a big size eclair.

Dutch bread Gevulde Koek is a strange and delicious cookie

Gevulde Koeken, a traditional almond cookie in the Netherlands, which is not an almond production area. It's a mysterious and delicious cookie.

Dutch bread Koffiebroodje is a coffee bread without coffee

Koffiebroodje means Coffee bread, but coffee is not used as an ingredient. Koffiebroodje is a sweet bread with raisins and cream, and it is a classic Dutch breakfast or tea snack.