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A cat museum where you can see cats, Katten Cabinet Amsterdam




they have cute sounds Meow Meow, fluffy and warm, and free-spirited appearances.

Isn’t there a lot of people who are healed just by watching a cat?

Katten Kabinet in Amsterdam is a healing cat art museum where you can actually meet cats.



Katten Kabinet literally translates to “Cat museum”.

Katten Kabinet is located in the center of Amsterdam, near the flower market. This area is a business district with banks and law offices, in such an area there is the cat museum.

In the Katten Cabinet you can see a lot of cat collections, such as cat paintings, photographs, posters and figurines of cats. This museum is created by cat lovers for cat lovers, so the museum’s collection is very unique.

Graphic works such as posters drawn around the 20th century are very attractive and enjoyable.





Lovely Cats

The biggest attraction of this museum is that you can meet cats who are free to do so. The cats are living freely in the museum.

It seems that how many cats are staying depends on the day. I met two cats, a white cat and a black cat. They don’t fear humans. A white cat greeted me and a black cat was sleeping by the window.



Interior Design

Katten Kabinet is also attractive in its interior.

The building was built as a noble house in the 17th century. The interior has been restored in the 19th century.

It is a valuable building with wall decorations and beautiful ceiling paintings left as they were at the time. It is said that this beautiful interior is sometimes used for filming movies.


You can also visit the garden in summer.

Canal houses in Amsterdam have courtyards that cannot be seen or entered from the main street. It is one of the few places where you can enter such a secret courtyard. (The garden is closed in winter.)




Museum Information

*Katten Kabinet does not accept a museum card.

Katten Kabinet info(2023)
hours:12 – 17(Closed on Monday)
Ticket >>
address:Herengracht 497, 1017 BT Amsterdam



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