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【Amsterdam Day 2】Visit windmill village and eat Dutch waffles. sightseeing with City Card



For those visiting Amsterdam for the first time, I show you the best travel itinerary templates that covers the must-Visit places, must-See tourist attractions, and must-Eat sweets in this city.

This is a three-day travel itinerary using City Card.


Day 1 is a classic sightseeing in Amsterdam.

Click here for Day 1
【Amsterdam sightseeing Day 1】Visit everything you want to see and eat with City Card
The best itinerary for first-time visitors to Amsterdam, covering the city's must-visit, must-sees, and must-eats. Day 1 is typical Amsterdam sightseeing.


On the second day, you must visit to see the windmills of the Netherlands.

The plan for Day 2 is to visit the windmill village in the morning and eat sweets in Amsterdam in the afternoon.




Get your City Card!

The Amsterdam City Card, which includes a public transport pass and museum tickets, is a convenient way to explore Amsterdam for a few days.

With the City Card, you can get Free entry or Discounts at must-see attractions in Amsterdam.


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City Card is perfect for your first visit to Amsterdam!




Amsterdam Sightseeing, Day2

This is a three-day travel itinerary using City Card.

The day 2 is an itinerary where you can enjoy sightseeing at Windmill Village and eating Dutch specialties.

*This itinerary templates focuses on activities that are free to enter with a city card.


Day 2, Windmill Village and Dutch street market

In the morning, you will visit a windmill village in a town next to Amsterdam. And in the afternoon, you plan to eat and shop in downtown Amsterdam.


9am:Bus Stop at Amsterdam Central Station

The bus stop is on the second floor of Amsterdam Central Station, take Bus 391 to Zaanse Schans. (There are two buses every hour.)

NOTE: City cards cannot be used on this bus, so you need a ticket.


Regional buses will temporarily not operate until September 2024.
The bus line 391 to Zaanse Schans departs from Noorderpark station in Amsterdam Noord.




Noorderpark station is just one stop from Amsterdam Central Station on metro line 52!



You can ride metro for free with your city card!



City cards cannot be used on buses. You need to pay when you ride a bus.

You can pay by swiping your credit card on the machine at the bus door. Be sure to touch the card again when getting off.



10am:Windmill Village Zaanse Schans

The windmill village of Zaanse Schans is about 40 minutes away by bus.

Historic buildings are preserved in Zaanse Schans. In Zaanse Schans, you can visit the Windmills, the Windmill Museum, the Zaans Museum and the Clock Museum for free with your city card.


I recommend visiting windmills and windmill museums.


You can also sightsee in a bread factory, wooden shoe factory, cheese factory and souvenir shop.

Zaanse Schans is a popular place to visit on a half-day tour from Amsterdam to see the Dutch heritage and tradition.


Let’s eat waffles at the bakery factory! The waffles here are Liege waffles. Liege waffles originated in Belgium, but are also popular in the Netherlands.



Lunch at Zaanse Schans
Restaurants De Hoop

For lunch in Zaanse Schans, try De Hoop op d’Swarte Walvis. They have a typical Dutch lunch menu. (open Thu to Sun.)



13pm:Go to De Pijp

After visiting Zaanse Schans, take the bus back to Amsterdam Central Station.

From Amsterdam Central Station, take metro line 52 to De Pijp station and head to Albert Cuyp Market. You can ride the metro for free with your city card.

Regional buses will temporarily not operate until September 2024.
From Zaanse Schans you can take the bus line 391 back to Norderpark Station, and from Norderpark Station you can take metro line 52 to De Pijp Station. You can ride the metro for free with your city card.


Route map from Central Station to the Market!


Shopping at Amsterdam Central Station!
There is a souvenir shop called iamsterdam, which issues city cards, at Amsterdam Central Station, so let’s stop by! You might be able to find unique goods with cute designs!




Shopping at De Pijp Station!
Dille & Kamille, a popular Dutch brand of natural household goods, is located in front of De Pijp Station, so be sure to stop by!




14pm:Albert Cuyp Market

Albert Cuypmarkt is one of the most popular street markets in Amsterdam.

There are many things to eat at the market.

Enjoy traditional Dutch sweets such as Stroopwafels (syrup waffles) and Poffertjes (mini pancakes). You can eat freshly baked it at the market.


When you are hungly must try Herring sandwiches, Kip Broodje (chicken sandwich) and freshly fried kibelins (battered fish).

You can download Albert Cuyp Market information with the City Card app. Enjoy a self-guided food tour while using the app!


The market is closed on Sunday.


Here for about the Albert Cuyp Market!
【Amsterdam】Eating Dutch local specialties at Albert Cuypmarkt
The Albert Cuypmarkt is one of the most popular street markets in Amsterdam. The market is famous for its street food and snacks. You can indulge in traditional Dutch treats such as Stroopwafels, Herring sandwiches, Poffertjes, and Freshly fried kibbeling.





15pm:Let’s eat a Traditional Stroopwafel

Next, let’s go eat stroopwafels at a long-established bakery that has been in business for 110 years.

There is a tram stop at the exit of the 600m long Albert Cuyp Market. Take tram line 4 to Rokin. Enjoy the scenery from the tram! (You can ride the tram for free with your city card.)

Route map from Market to Bakery!



It is a 5 minute walk from Rokin. Let’s eat a classic stroopwafel at Lanskroon Bakery.


Lanskroon Bakery’s stroopwafels are biscuit dough. You can only eat here.

There are two types: traditional caramel and coffee caramel. I recommend traditional caramel.


About the stroopwafels!
Waffle? Biscuits? Dutch caramel cookie, Stroopwafel
Stroopwafel is a sweet you must eat in the Netherlands. It is a type of waffle, but it looks like a flat biscuit. Between the biscuits is filled with plenty of caramel syrup called Stroop.




Canal House Museum

After eating stroopwafels, take a stroll through the canal houses in the old town. Before you do, why not learn about the history of the old town at the Canal House Museum?

You can learn how the canal houses were built through models, photos, and videos. Admission is free with City Card. (No reservation required, closed on Mondays)

Route map from Bakery to Museum!




16pm:Sightseeing on 9 Street

9 Street is a shopping and eating area with many small general stores, boutiques, fashionable cafes, and organic restaurants. There are many Kawaii goods and foods that can only be purchased here.

9 Street is here!

Houseboat Museum

There are over 1500 houseboats in Amsterdam. At the Houseboat Museum on 9 Street, you can see the insides of canal boat houses.

The Houseboat Museum has a traditional floor plan with a living room, bedroom, shower and toilet. Admission is free with City Card. (No reservation required, closed on Mondays)



Anne Frank’s House Museum, located near 9th Street, is also a popular museum. It is not included in the City Card, so you will need to purchase a ticket when you visit. Buy tickets >>




Tulip Museum

Speaking of the Netherlands, Tulips! However, tulip season is from April to May.

Visit the Tulip Museum when it’s out of season. Here you can see many tulip photos, learn about the history of tulips, and find tulip-related souvenirs. Admission is free with City Card. (No reservation required)


About the tulips history!
【Netherlands】History of Tulips and Tulpenmanie
In the 17th century, there was a time when the price of tulip bulbs brought skyrocketed and then suddenly collapsed. This is called Tulip mania.



18pm:Apple pie time!

The Netherlands is also famous for its apple pie! Winkel 43, the most delicious apple pie shop in Amsterdam, is always full during afternoon tea time.

Lunch and dinner are also delicious, so I recommend there using it as a restaurant. Of course, don’t forget the apple pie after your dinner!

Route map from Tulip museum to Winkel43!



19pm:Pub, Three Little Bottles
Route map from Winkel43 to Pub!

De Drie Fleschjes (Three Little Bottles) is the oldest Pub of Amsterdam. A wall of casks showcases signature blends; the display of flagons (little bottles) with portraits of Amsterdam’s mayors is worth a peek. Sip a jenever, or go for one of the 35 different liqueurs.

You are not required to book a timeslot in advance to visit this venue with your City Card. You can get a free shot of gin with your City Card. (open until 20:30, Sunday til 19pm)



21pm:Souvenir shop

The souvenir shop 100% Holland on Dam Square is open until 10pm, so you can buy in bulk before heading back to your hotel.

100% Holland is here!



If you want to stop by a supermarket before heading your hotel, there is a supermarket called Albert Heijn behind the Royal Palace on Dam Square. The supermarket here also sells sweets for souvenirs. (Open until 10pm)

Albert Heijn is here!




After shopping, head back to your hotel from the tram stop at Dam Square!






Highlights of Day 2

Day 2 is a sightseeing Windmill Village and eating Dutch specialties.

There are no facilities that require reservations, so you can sightsee without worrying about time.


  • 9am: Bus from central station
  • 10am: Windmill sightseeing in Zaanse Schans
  • 13pm: buck to Amsterdam
  • 14pm: Albert Cuyp Market
  • 15pm: classic Stroopwafel and Museum
  • 16pm: 9 Street Sightseeing (Houseboat Museum, Tulip Museum)
  • 18pm: Dinner and apple pie
  • 20pm: Oldest Pub
  • 21pm: Souvenir shop

This model course departs from Amsterdam Central Station and returns to the station in the evening, so you can leave your large luggage in a locker at the station.

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With the City Card app, you can see facilities that accept City Card on a map, and you can make reservations of museums and facilities from the app.

The app also displays location information, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost while sightseeing.

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City Card is perfect for your first visit to Amsterdam!