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Dutch bread Gevulde Koek is a strange and delicious cookie



Gevulde Koeken is a standard Dutch almond cookie.

American cookies are chocolate chip cookies, Dutch cookies might be Gevulde Koeken.


Koeken means cookie, and Gevulde means stuffed.

This cookie is very difficult to pronounce.


Gevulde Koeken, which is almonds on top, is about 10 cm in diameter and is filled with plenty of almond paste.

The cookie dough uses plenty of butter, so it stays soft and delicious even after a long time.


You can buy it anywhere, including kiosks and supermarkets, but the most delicious is the freshly baked Gevulde Koeken from a bakery.


History of Gevulde Koeken

The first Gevulde Koeken recipe book was published in 1510.

But almonds are not a specialty product of the Netherlands.


Almonds are now widely used in sweets, but in the olden days it was used in Spanish and Arab cuisine.

In my opinion, around 1500 Holland was under Spanish rule. Almonds from Spain may have been imported to the Netherlands, and Gevulde Koeken may have been popularized.


Gevulde Koeken, a traditional almond cookie in the Netherlands, which is not an almond production area.

It’s a mysterious and delicious cookie.



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