Dutch bread Koffiebroodje is a coffee bread without coffee



Koffiebroodje is a Dutch standard bread.

Koffiebroodje means Coffee bread, but coffee is not used as an ingredient.

Koffiebroodje is a sweet bread with raisins and cream, and it is a classic Dutch breakfast or tea snack.


Top with custard and raisins on a thinly stretched Danish pastry, roll it up and slice it into 1 cm wide.

When baked, it looks like a lollipop candy.


The Danish dough with vanilla cream kneaded in has a delicious freshly baked crispy texture.

As time passes, the Danish dough becomes moist, which is also delicious.


It is called Koffiebroodje because it is the perfect bread for coffee time.

Eat it with coffee for breakfast or brunch.



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