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【Leiden】A floating Christmas market held on the canal



Leiden is known for Siebold’s Japanese Museum, Leiden University, and Rembrandt’s birthplace.

Leiden’s Christmas market is famous for its floating Christmas market held on a canal and was awarded Europe’s Best Christmas Market 2016.


2022 will be held on land instead of on the canal.
A skating rink will be set up on the canal.



The city of Leiden is a traditional Dutch landscape with canals and houses.


In December, an illuminated Christmas market is held on the canal.

If you don’t know what the city originally looked like, you won’t realize that the Christmas market is held on the canal.


There are markets selling Christmas goods and crafts and food stands, but the most popular is the floating skating rink, it is the typical Dutch Christmas market atmosphere.





You can walk under the bridge over the canal at the floating Christmas market. It’s a strange feeling to look up at the bridge from water level. You can enjoy a different view from your daily life.


When I actually walked on it, it felt stable and didn’t feel like I was floating.



Many people visit the unusual Christmas market held on the canal.

It is a wonderful Christmas market in Leiden where you can enjoy a different perspective than usual with mulled wine and hot chocolate in one hand.



It won’t be a floating Christmas market this year, but it will be a bigger Christmas market than before due to the benefits of being on land.

*The floating skating rink will be open from December 9th to January 8th.

Christmas Market in Leiden(2022)
Date:Dec 14th to 23rd
Address:Hooglandse Kerkgracht
URL:Kerstmarkt Leiden


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