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【Netherlands】Visit to Delft Blue factory and Royal Delft Museum collection



There were many pottery factory in the Netherlands, but now Royal Delft (Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles) is the only Delftware factory that still produces pottery using traditional methods.

The Royal Delft factory has a history of over 360 years, and you can learn about the history and construction methods of Delftware in the studio. Also you can see various pottery collections in the museum.



Royal Delft Factory Tour

The process making Delft Blue is a very simple, just 4 steps.

MoldingFormingPaintingFiring (baking)

At the Royal Delft factory, you can see the four processes.




Molding and Forming

First, pour the clay into the mold and make a rough shape. After that, the mold is removed and polished to shape.

It looks like it’s easy to do, but it’s a tremendous craftsmanship. Because even though it is by handmade, it’s all the same shape.



Hand painted by a professional painter. There was a draft, but she is drawing detailed patterns smoothly.


Delft Blue pigments are made using a unique recipe that has been handed down for centuries. It is a black pigment before firing, but changes to a bright blue color due to a chemical reaction during firing.

Craftsmen draw delicate patterns with only one color pigment and its light and shade.


All Royal Delft products have the logo and signature of the painter. Look at the back of the pottery. Delftware with logo and signature, it is real Royal Delft products.


As a side note, Royal Delft products also have the potteries which is colorful painting and non-hand drawing. It is beautiful too.





Visit to the Royal Delft Museum

You can see various Delftware arts at the Royal Delft Museum next to the factory. There is a tile art of the Night Watch by Rembrandt made of 480 tiles.


Plate with King Willem.


A vase specifically for tulips.


Pottery dress…, do you want to wear this?





Then, you can purchase Delftware at the museum shop.



Delftware is a luxury price. But you can casually enjoy Delft Blue in the museum cafe.

The cafe serves drinks and food on Delft blue tableware. You can actually hold it in your hand and use it. Enjoy tea time in an elegant mood.

Royal Delft Museum info (2023)
Opening hours:9:30 – 17
Ticket €15 >>
Adless:Rotterdamseweg 196, 2628 AR Delft, オランダ