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【Netherlands】Maastricht Christmas Market, Magical Maastricht



The 2022 Maastricht Christmas market will be open from December 1st to 30th. Official site→https://www.trichter.nl/


Maastricht, a city in the southern part of the Netherlands, has been greatly influenced by cultures outside the Netherlands, and the cityscape is a little different from the historical landscape of the Netherlands.


Maastricht Christmas market, the Magical Maastricht, makes for a very brilliant December night.


Vrijthof Square will open a Ferris wheel, a skating rink and a Christmas market.

The Christmas market in the gastronomic city of Maastricht has many delicious food stands. Hot chocolate, mulled wine, Poffertjes small pancakes, Oliebollen Dutch donuts, Hot dogs, Burgers, Pizza and more…

Christmas in Maastricht is like a food festival because all food stands are delicious. Let’s visit there with an empty stomach!

Magical Maastricht info(2022)
Date:Dec 1st to 30th
Time:10-24 (10-25 on weekend)
*24th: 10-18, 25th: 11-18, 26th: 11-24
Address:Vrijthof, Maastricht
URL:Magical Maastricht


Maastricht info
【Netherlands】Maastricht, the city of history and gastronomy
Maastricht is strongly influenced by the various food cultures of European countries, and is famous city for its delicious food in the Netherlands. It is said that “Maastricht is a city of gastronomy!“.