【Malta】Sea Cave, Blue Grotto, Must go there in the morning



What is the Blue Grotto?

The Blue Grotto is a cave that faces the sea, and the cave is filled with seawater.

Blue Grotto is a phenomenon in which the light that shines through the rocks into a dark cave illuminates the seawater, causing only blue light to be reflected.

It is called the Blue Grotto because the surface of the sea inside the cave shines blue.

The Blue Grotto of Capri, Italy is the most famous, but they are found all over the world.

Blue Grotto in the world
・Capri (Italy)
・Biševo Island (Croatia)
・Kastelorizo Island (Greece)
・Malta Island (Malta)
・Onna Village (Japan)

Blue Grotto in Malta

Malta’s blue grotto is small, but someone say it’s more beautiful than Capri. You can see a very beautiful scenery, so be sure to visit.

How to get to the Blue Grotto

Take a bus to Blue Grotto from the bus terminal in Valletta, the capital city.

It takes about 1 hour to Grotto station.


How to go Blue Grotto

When you get off the slope from the bus stop you can see small boats are lined up.

Buy a ticket and get on a small boat. When the passengers gather, it will depart.


Boat tour

The boat tour will take you through various caves, large and small.

Sometimes the boat will stop, so you can take pictures.





Visit in the morning

The most beautiful emerald green blue grotto can only be seen in the morning on a sunny day.

In the afternoon tour, the color of the sea changes depending on the angle of light.
(It is beautiful enough even in the afternoon.)




You can also swim around the boat platform.

There are many rocky areas, so you can enjoy snorkeling.

But the sea is very deep and the waves are very high, so you can NOT swim to the Blue Grotto. Explore the Blue Grotto on a boat tour.




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