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【Malta】Let’s swim in Blue Lagoon of Comino island



The Republic of Malta is two islands, Malta and Cozo.

The small island of Comino between these two islands is most beautiful beach in Malta, famous for its crystal clear waters.

The uninhabited island of Comino can be reached by ferry or by joining a tour.



Go Comino by Ferry

How to Get a Ferry

There are ferries to Comino at the northern tip of Malta and the southern tip of Cozo. In about 20 minutes you will reach the Blue Lagoon of Comino.


MAP; ferry stop of Malta


The ferry runs from 9am to 5pm, and it costs about €10 round trip. (2017)

The ferry is not big, a capacity of about 30 people. When it is full, you may have to wait until the next ferry 30 minutes later.

It gets crowded during the summer season, so be sure to arrive 20-30 minutes before the departure. There is a kiosk so you can have a cup of coffee while you wait.


Beachside of Comino

Comino is an uninhabited island, but there is no need to worry about food and drink. There are lockers, toilets, showers, food stands, and a small shops on the beach side.

In the afternoon, many tourists visiting and it becomes very lively and busy. Only those who come by the first ferry in the early morning will be able to enjoy the quiet scenery.


Blue Lagoon

The sea of Comino is really beautiful. Enjoy snorkeling on the emerald green beach before soaking up the sun.

Don’t forget to experience attractions such as Banana Boat and Crazy Sofa.

A tour around the island of Comino is also popular.




Return Ferry

The last ferry on the way back is around 6pm. Be careful not to miss the ferry.

There are two ferries, one is back to Malta, other is to Kozo, so don’t get on the wrong one.


The return ferry will take you around Comino Island. You can see very beautiful scenery. But be careful not to drop your camera and phone.




Go Comino by Tour

How to Join a Tour

When you want to book for a tour after arriving in Malta, visit the tourist information office. There are also tours that you can book at your hotel.

It is often full in the busy season, you must book online before few weeks.

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Join a Tour

A bus will pick you up at your hotel at 10am.

The bus picks up other passengers as it goes for the port.

The tour boat is very big and clean, you can freely choose your seat and enjoy the cruise. Only there is an extra charge for the rooftop deck where you can sunbathe.


After departure, there will be an announcement to distribute drinks. All drinks are free and included in the tour. Beer lines are most popular so you may have to wait in line.

Let’s enjoy sightseeing for an hour with drinking beer.


Lunchtime on the boat

It’s usually lunchtime at the Blue Lagoon.

But on the day I visited, it was storm. So our boat docked at the port of Kozo Island for lunch. Lunch was sandwiches and salads.



It usually enjoy swimming in the Blue Lagoon after lunch.

However, the Blue Lagoon was closed due to strong winds, so it was changed to Santa Marija Bay beach.

Santa Marija Bay beach is also on Comino. This beach is rocky and perfect for snorkeling.

There was a change in the tour due to the storm, but it was also a valuable experience and a lot of fun.

Also, the ferry to Comino Island was canceled on that day, so we were lucky that we could only visit Comino Island on a tour.


Return to hotel

After swimming a lots, return to the port by the boat while watching the sunset. A bus will take you from the port to your hotel.

The cruising tour was the best because it was able to deal with weather troubles and I was able to concentrate on just having fun.

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