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Nieuwe Kerk, the historic New Church on Dam Square in Amsterdam



The Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) on Dam Square is the royal church where successive Dutch kings are crowned.

Although it is a historic church built over 600 years ago, it is still called a new church.

On days when there are no events, the Nieuwe Kerk is open as a museum where you can see various exhibitions.



History of the Nieuwe Kerk

The Nieuwe Kerk is a church built in the 15th century.

A new church was built as the population of Amsterdam increased.

Since then, the old church has been called Oude Kerk and the new one Nieuwe Kerk.


Nieuwe Kerk suffered two fires shortly after its completion.

In 1645, a third fire destroyed the Nieuwe Kerk, after which it was rebuilt in Gothic style.

Extensive renovations in the 19th and 20th centuries put the church in financial difficulties.

To keep the church open, ownership was transferred to a newly formed cultural foundation.


Oude Kerk, the oldest church in Amsterdam
The Oude Kerk is the oldest building church in Amsterdam. This area was a cemetery in the early 13th century. A wooden chapel was built for the safety of sailors in what was then a fishing village in Amsterdam.



Royal Church

Nieuwe Kerk is used for Dutch royal investiture ceremonies and royal weddings.

Most recently that of King Willem-Alexander in 2013, and the wedding of Willem-Alexander to Máxima in 2002.

The investitures of Queens Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix also took place there.




Nieuwe Kerk Museum

On days when there are no royal events, the Nieuwe Kerk is open as a museum. Don’t miss the exhibits and the interior of the church.


Pipe organ

Around 1650, it was believed that “music is a sin that deceives the mind”.

In response, the government emphasized the educational value of music, installing a pipe organ in the Nieuwe Kerk and holding daily concerts to spread the wonders of music.

As a result, the Nieuwe Kerk still hosts regular concerts today.


Stained glass windows

Nieuwe Kerk has a lot of stained glasses which were made at different times.

The oldest has stained glass from the 17th century.

The stained glass from the 18th to 20th centuries depicts the coronation of the king.

And the most recent 2005 stained glass was a birthday present for Queen Beatrix.



Coffin, Etc.

At the Nieuwe Kerk you can see the coffin and monument of the soldier Michiel de Ruyter, the golden partition called the Choir screen, and the historical frescoes.


Nieuwe Kerk (Sep 2022 survey)
Open: 10am-17pm
Address: Gravenstraat 17, 1012 NL Amsterdam
URL: Nieuwe Kerk



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