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2022 Netherlands Christmas Market infomation



In 2022, many Christmas markets will be held for the first time in three years.

Here is the information about this year’s event.


*This information is in 2022.
*Please check the official website for the latest information.



X’mas Markets in the Netherlands


Nov 17th – 20th, “Castle Christmas Fair” in Velsen-Zuid

The Castle Christmas Fair takes place this year at the Buitenplaats Beeckestijn estate in the northern town from Haarlem.

Over 130 markets will be open during the four-day event, such as store of Christmas goods, handmade jewelry and antiques, and food stands.

Castle Christmas Fair(2022)
Date:Nov 17th to 20th
Hours:11-22 (11-18 on Sun)
Entrance fee:€ 15.75
Address:Rijksweg 134, 1981 LD Velsen-Zuid
URL:Castle Christmas Fair



Nov 18th – Dec 30th, “Cave Xmas Market” in Valkenburg

Valkenburg is a town in the south of the Netherlands. About 3 hours by train from Amsterdam.

A tourist attraction in Valkenburg is the Cave. A Christmas market is held in the cave.

The Christmas market in the cave is like a fantasy world like a Harry Potter movie. It’s an adventure like exploring a secret cave. This Valkenburg Cave Christmas Market was awarded the Best European Christmas Market 2018.

This is my favorite Christmas market in the Netherlands.

Cave Christmas Market(2022)
Date:Nov 18th to Dec 30th
Hours:11-17 (10-17 on Sat and Sun)
*December 25th: Closed
*December 24th, 26th, 30th: until 18
Entrance fee:€ 8.50〜
Address:Cauberg 4 6301 BT Valkenburg
URL:Kerstmarkt Gemeentegrot




Nov 22nd – Nov 27th, “Country Christmas Fair” in De Haar

Utrecht’s castle, Kasteel de Haar, has a Christmas market in November. A Christmas market held in the castle gardens.

The market is full of Christmas goods, hot wine, hot chocolate, Poffertjes and other food. And the evening you can see the beautiful illumination. Let’s enjoy the early Christmas.

Country Christmas Fair(2022)
Date:Nov 22nd to 27th
Hours:10-22 (10-18 on Sun)
Entrance fee:€ 17.50
Address:Kasteel de Haar, Kasteellaan 1, 3455 RR Haarzuilens
URL:Country Christmas Fair





Dec 1st – 30th, “Magical Maastricht” in Maastricht

In Maastricht, about 2.5 hours by train from Amsterdam, the old town is decorated with illumination. And in the square where the Magical Maastricht is held, there is a huge Ferris wheel, a skating rink, and a log house-style market.

There is a day when Santa Claus comes to visit Magical Maastricht only once a year.

Magical Maastricht(2022)
Date:Dec 1st to 30th
Hours:10-24 (10-25 on weekend)
*24th: 10-18, 25th: 11-18, 26th: 11-24
Address:Vrijthof, Maastricht
URL:Magical Maastricht




Dec 8th – 23rd “Royal Christmas Fair” in The Haag

The Den Haag Christmas market is held on the tree-lined street.

The Royal Christmas Fair is the one of the beautifulest Christmas market in the Netherlands. The tree-lined streets are decorated with illuminations in the evening.

Various events such as children’s choirs and plays are also held.

Royal Christmas Fair(2022)
Date:Dec 8th to 23rd
Address:Lange Voorhout
URL:Royal Christmas Fair




Dec 9th -11th, “Christmas Market” in Haarlem

The Christmas market in Haarlem, a town next to Amsterdam, will held the Christmas market in the whole city.

About 300 stalls will open at the Christmas market for three days only, and events such as live performances will be held here and there in the city.

Haarlem Christmas Market(2022)
Date:Dec 9th to 11th
Hours:10:30-20 (10:30-19 on Sun)
Address:Grote Markt 22, 2011 RD Haarlem
URL:Haarlem Christmas Market




Dec 14th – 18th, “Christmas at Middachten Castle” in De Steeg

About 2 hours by train from Amsterdam, the old castle Middachten‘s Christmas market is decorated with flower arrangements and you can experience a fragrant Christmas.

The market is small in size and mainly sells local products, but at night the garden is lit with hundreds of candles and you can take a walk through the magical scenery.

Christmas at Middachten Castle(2022)
Date:Dec 12th to 18th
Hours:12-20 (12-19 on Sun)
Entrance fee:€ 14.50
Address:Landgoed Middachten 3, 6994 JC  DE STEEG
URL:Kerstopenstelling Middachten






Dec 14th – 23rd “Christmas Market” in Leiden

The student town of Leiden, about 40 minutes by train from Amsterdam, was famous for the floating Christmas market, which was awarded the Europe’s Best Christmas Market in 2016, but this year it will be held on land.

It won’t be a floating Christmas market this year, but it will be a bigger Christmas market than before due to the benefits of being on land.

*The floating skating rink will be open from December 9th to January 8th.

Christmas Market in Leiden(2022)
Date:Dec 14th to 23rd
Address:Hooglandse Kerkgracht
URL:Kerstmarkt Leiden






December 16th, “Candlelight” in Gouda

About an hour by train from Amsterdam, the cheese town of Gouda will hold its 67th Candlelight in 2022.

1500 candles are lit around the square where the historical town hall is located.

At dusk, the city is illuminated only by candlelight, and you can experience a fantastic night with church concerts.

Candlelight in Gouda(2022)
Date:Dec 16th
URL:Gouda bij Kaarslicht





*Canceled*, “Christmas Market” in Dordrecht

Dordrecht is about 1.5 hours by train from Amsterdam. The Christmas market in the Old Town is the largest in the Netherlands.

Christmas Market in Dordrecht(2022)
URL:Kerstmarkt Dordrecht